Due to the Covid-19 global pandemic Safety Training Ltd has had to move with the times. It is true we offered online training prior to 2020 however, because of current restrictions and health concerns our customers have requested broader access to our training courses. This is why we can now announce virtually all of our training courses are available via webinar where the classroom is brought to your staff through computers, tablets, and phones. When your companies training needs to happen, Safety Training can fulfil all of your requirements, whilst keeping your staff safe.


Sometimes companies have the need to train their staff at the drop of a hat, in a cost-effective way, where they want.

That’s where e-learning wins hands down, it’s there when you need it, at a price that you can afford.

With over 100 different training courses, many accredited by industry authority and CPD You really can have training at your fingertips.

Safety Training Ltd has three categories to choose from, making it easy to find the correct courses for you and your company.
All at a market leading LOW price.

Health and Safety


Business Skills


Health and Social Care


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First Aid and Fire Safety Training Courses Doncaster, Sheffield, Leeds

Welcome to Safety Training, we’re a local training provide in Yorkshire. We offer First Aid, Fire Safety and other occupational training courses across the local area. We work in areas inclusive of Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham. As a local, family run company we pride ourselves on being hands on. Keeping you compliant and freeing up your time so that you can run your business. With a wide range of experience in different sectors from construction, demolition, manufacturing, offices, retail and medical practices with lots in between. We provide a highly personal approach offering a full range of health and safety services designed to meet your needs in Yorkshire.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more or have any questions regarding our courses please call Safety Training on: 0800 644 6569 or contact us online.

How Safety Training can help you

Safety Training in Yorkshire are serious about working with you to improve your health and safety culture, which in turn ensures a better workplace. We specialities include fire safety and first aid courses.

Our team of highly experienced consultants have relevant industry experience and receive regular training and continuous professional development which, alongside their own enthusiasm for fire safety and health and safety, enables them to identify sensible solutions for your issues. Providing a competent and progressive approach to health and safety to assist your company in the management of its fire safety and health and safety risks, both for today and tomorrow.

We can become your competent Health and Safety Advisor, ensuring you have legally compliant and up to date policies and procedures in place, as well as being there to support you when required with a helpline and your own dedicated account executive. This part of our service can help augment your pre-existing fire safety and first aid measures.

By using our Safety Training consultancy service in Yorkshire you will be able to concentrate on your business, confident in the knowledge that your health and safety documentation is up to date meeting all legal obligations and helping you to achieve safe working practices.

No matter if you’re based in Doncaster, Sheffield, Rotherham or further afield if you would like to know more about fire safety and first aid in Yorkshire please contact Matthew Kindell on: 0800 644 6569

Why do you need First Aid, Fire Safety or Other Forms of Training?

Not only do many of the training courses we offer help you meet legal requirements for your business. They also help add value to your employees, and cultivate a safer working environment. No matter how big or small your company is having well trained staff who can help out across a variety of scenarios is incredibly important.

Our training is not only designed to help our students meet the requirements to pass and practice the subjects we teach, but to enrich them and help them grow. If you’re looking for a training provider you can trust to help improve and enrich you or your staff you’re in the right place.

What Training Courses Do We Offer?

We offer a variety of training courses across many subjects and niches. From your standard First Aid and Fire Safety training courses, through to more niche courses suited to your businesses or industry. Our wide-range of courses include full first aid training, including sports first aid courses, first person on scene training, a wide range of care courses, and health and safety courses. We also offer a variety of E-Learning courses, to help your staff learn for the workplace.

What methods do we use in our training and courses?

We pride ourselves on our hands on approach, here at Safety Training. We administer our training courses in a face to face manner. From full classes, all the way through to one on one sessions. Regularly, we travel across the country to teach, so no matter where you are, you don’t need to worry about the quality of your training being affected.