What is the New Normal?

When it comes to compliance training its Webinar and E-Learning!

Webinars are a fast-evolving resource, allowing switched on companies the chance to stay one step ahead of the game and to access modern training organisations like Safety Training Ltd, we are able reach our learners on a personal level, whilst remaining distanced.

Usual training days can be a costly expense for many employers, having to schedule time off, organise travel and an instructor. Our webinar service reduces these costs whilst keeping stresses to a minimum. Your employees can take the training in the comfort of their own home, at the work desk, or anywhere in the world. All that’s needed is a good internet connection and the hardware to connect,
(Computer / Tablet / Phone).

So, what happens?

You book yourself on to one of our courses through the normal routes.

We then send you a clickable link,  

You then click the invite at the agreed time,  You are then taken through to join the webinar.

Once the webinar is live and if have your audio and your camera is switched on, you will be able to see and converse with all attendees including the trainer, as they will with you. 

The lesson can then proceed the same as a normal lesson would if there is need for diagrams or whiteboard and video this all remains the same.

​Students can easily interact on the TEAMS & ZOOM platforms giving chance to raise questions through asking and direct messaging.

Webinar training brings the virtual classroom to you, it’s a fresh and interesting way to have live training in a location that works for you.

Can virtual classrooms ever be as good?

Industry has questioned whether differences with a live webinar session can be as effective as the classroom – lacking ease of interaction, body language and possible technical barriers. 

​Safety Training’s answer is clear, we have designed our webinar courses so trainers can deliver in the same way classroom training is.                                    Translated into the virtual classroom successfully, therefore, attendees are able to gain a full learning experience.

​Trainers can provide great presentations, challenge attendees for answers and feedback, as well as host discussions.
When students partake, the interaction can really seem the same as the traditional classroom.

Cost effective

Easy access

Train more people

By reducing travel issues, you can make your learning solutions easier for your staff to attend training.

All your employees need is an internet-enabled computer with audio to listen. A simple click of a link from an email is all they have to do to get into the session.

Enabling staff training from their desk can cut down on travel time, allowing for greater productivity.

Many organisations only provide training annually or to a certain demographic of people, often due to time and cost of travel.

By reducing the costs, making it easier for a wider range of staff to access the training, you can up skill larger sections of your organisations work force not just a certain few.

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